Teamworx is a solution to the current nationwide shortage of skilled professionals in the United States. We strive to address the need for skilled workers in a way that benefits everyone.

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Building Successful Businesses Since 1974

The story of Teamworx begins nearly 50 years ago. As a student of Brigham Young University’s construction management program, a man named Paul Magleby decided to start a construction company: Magleby Construction.

Along with Paul’s Original Framing Crew: Todd, Richard, and Kelly, Magleby Construction grew to become one of the most respected custom home builders in the United States, and each member of the Original Framing Crew still works for the company today.

Continuing the Legacy

What Paul Magleby started as a framing company grew to become one of the largest and most successful custom home-building companies in the United States, and now they’re adding Teamworx to their repertoire.

Both Paul and his son Chad, who now leads Magleby Construction, were recognized by the Nation Association of Home Builders as National Custom Builders of the Year: Paul in 2006 and Chad in 2016.

For the Magleby family, it’s always been about doing things right, building for the ages, and being 100% transparent with customers, trade partners, and suppliers.

Teamworx is their answer to the current shortage of skilled professionals in the United States. After 50 years in the industry, Magleby Construction has the knowledge, know-how, and network to help facilitate the development of the construction industry and its talented tradespeople. 



Teamworx provides each team member with a mentor to help them navigate their work placements for the entirety of their contract.


We ensure that team members receive cultural training and support throughout their entire contract, and help them build experience for wherever their career may take them.


Teamworx helps its team members establish a foothold in construction, civil engineering, welding, HVAC, architecture, and other industries to foster a lifetime of success.

Backed by 50 Years of Experience

With nearly 50 years of experience to back it up, Teamworx knows what customers and team members need to be successful.

As Magleby Construction grew, Paul expanded its range of services by adding finish carpentry, excavation, and millwork. And in 2014, under Chad’s leadership, the company expanded operations to Sun Valley, Idaho.

Chad and officers of Magleby created Masterpiece International, a Magleby sister company, in 2016. Masterpiece remains headquartered in Utah where Magleby began, but the company also has operations in Tijuana, Mexico, where a valued team provides custom, high-end millwork to projects across the United States.

In addition to custom millwork, Masterpiece International put together a team of architectural professionals at Studio MX. They provide architectural support services for architects in the US and other industry partners, including BIM, CAD, REVIT, and rendering services.

Recruiting the Best

Continuing to grapple with a nationwide shortage of skilled professional workers, in 2018 Magleby Construction and Masterpiece International joined to create a new approach to team member recruitment and human resource management.

Teamworx looks at recruitment and HR management from the employer perspective.  

Our goal is to pinpoint and responsibly prepare the highest-quality workers to fill the current labor gaps in the skilled trades. With nearly 50 years of experience to back it up, this team knows what customers and team members need to be successful.

Experience is our edge, success is our springboard, and the future is our laboratory. The story of Teamworx may be just beginning, but it is just another chapter in the legacy of Chad and Paul Magleby.

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